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STAR was created as a family company in Italy in 1954. Initially, it dealt with transportation of conventional loads within the territory of Italy. However, it soon expanded its activities to international transportation of products of chemical and petrochemical origin. In 1990, a merger took place between STAR and an Italian family enterprise Marcevaggi Spa established in 1934, specializing in transportation of liquid technical gases.
Continuous and dynamic development of the newly created company resulted in the creation of three foreign branches:


  • STAR Polska Transport Międzynarodowy Sp. z o.o in Poland
  • STAR Internationale Transporte Deutschland GmbH in Germany
  • STAR Romania International Transport Srl in Romania.


STAR Polska Transport Międzynarodowy Sp. z o.o. appeared in Poland in 1999. Like the parent company, we render services connected with international transportation of liquid products of chemical and petrochemical origin, mainly classified according to ADR. During the years of our presence in the market, we have gained the trust of many recognized companies in the country and abroad.


We are continually developing our offer in the sector of road transportation which allows us to meet the expectations of all our Clients halfway. Timeliness of deliveries and the safety of goods entrusted to us are always our priority, that is we deliver each order individually according to the expectations of our Clients.


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